Marketers, Agencies & Brands, We offer private-lable apps that are powered by CandyBAR®

CandyBAR® is a technology toolset that sends people to locations and businesses using custom-branded, location-aware mobile applications. Utilizing cutting-edge beacon and GPS technology, the app immerses the users in your brand and deepens overall participation. The white-label application can enhance any ongoing effort or serve as a standalone platform.


Discover the CandyBAR® Suite

Create a fun interactive experience for your campaign or brand.

Customize the APP with your logo and content.

Connect with your audience using gamification, driving repeat interactions.


Control your gamified location content with our easy to use dashboard.

Collect data from your campaign to measure your market reach.

Leverage social media to increase awareness of your custom branded CandyBAR® app & Campaigns.


  Connect with users Inside.

Deploy offers and rich media indoors, just place the Beacon!


Capture users Outside.

Deploy offers and rich media outdoors, just add the location!


Control Everything With Your Dashboard.

 Complete management of your Beacon and GPS engagements. Data-driven mobile campaigns have never been easier to leverage and measure!


White Label Mobile Application

What will your app look like? How will it work? How can I determine ROI?

Skin It

Define how your application will look and work. To the end user, the experience will be 100% brand accurate. CandyBAR® is nowhere to be found.

Deploy It

Direct users to the App Store or Google Play to download as they would any other application.

Measure It

Utilizing Adobe technology, our online dashboard tells you everything you need to know about the success of your program!

Get A Taste Of sugAR

Want to see the application in action? We’ve developed sugAR just to give you a little taste.
Contact us to request a demo of sugAR, to see the awesome capabilities and extensive suite of features that CandyBAR® can offer you or your clients.


CandyBAR® Apps built for


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Wondering if this application would be a good extension to your marketing plan?  Give us a ring.  We’d love to talk it out!  We enjoy working with both agencies and brands.  If you think you may have a need, we’d love to connect!

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