CandyBAR® is a custom-branded mobile app platform that improves events, tourism and civic pride using the most accurate and accessible mobile technology that better-engages users and deepens brand participation.

1. Create a fun interactive experience for your campaign or brand

2. Customize the APP with your logo and content

3. Connect with your audience using gamification, driving repeat interactions

4. Control the game content with our easy to use dashboard

5. Collect data from your campaign to measure your market reach

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Andrew Couch

CEO & Founder

Infantry Combat Veteran, Entrepreneur & Team Leader.

Jonathan Chizick


Reformed engineer, enemy of the status quo, and long suffering Buffalo Bills fan.

Gilda Campos

Co Founder & CCO

Turned down an international position with a F100 company to start Candy Lab. Shot an M-16. Owned & ran a pizza shop during college.

Edwin Rivera


Forward-thinking technology junkie. Problem solving ninja. Lover of all things sandwich related.

Christian Torres


A Technology Evangelist, passionate for user-centric product design using lean and agile methodologies.

Carla Sevilla

Market Research Analyst

Mom by day, Marketing Analyst by night. Craft beer enthusiast. You can have it all, because who needs sleep anyway.

Marilla Havens

Customer Relations

Wash U Junior majoring in Psychology and trying to stay sane. Breakfast potato enthusiast.

Kourosh Ghahremani

Unity Developer/Artist

Unity3D is his playground, and mesmerised by interactive arts and artists. He's a full-time life volunteer and a part-time Yogi.

Andreas Fuchs

Mid-Level App and Unity Developer

Loves challenges and working with great people. His main experience is Android, .NET Development, Unity and Backend solutions.

Jake Strang

Mid-Level Developer - Team Lead

Wash U grad in math, comp sci and physics; conversationalist and amateur salsa choreographer.

CandyBAR®’s technology platform provides unmatched engagement by driving longer and more frequent audience participation with branded assets.

  • The CandyBAR® platform uses rich media, location based engagement and augmented reality to immerse users and drive them to intended locales.
  • CandyBAR® leverages the most accurate GPS technology which allows for a greater user experience and greater options for deployment and use in the field.
  • CandyBAR® is accessible to nearly all mobile phones dating back to 2010 – the most accessible and compatible technology platform of any competitor in the space.
  • All mobile apps are custom branded to any organization or locale quickly and affordably allowing for professional and rapid deployment.

CandyBAR® FAQS / find your answers

CandyBAR® is a custom-branded mobile app platform that improves events, tourism and civic pride using the most accurate and accessible mobile technology that better-engages users and deepens brand participation.

CandyBAR® Features:

Custom Branded Apps

Dashboards to manage Apps & Offers

Use of the Vendor Network “Optional”

GPS Based Augmented Reality

Social Sharing through Apps

Hosting, Customer Support & Maintenance

CandyBAR®’s Vendor Network merges interactive “custom branded game pieces” with the App user’s view of the real world environment to provide location-relevant offers. The Vendor Network is a permission based advertising platform for use in active CandyBAR® App campaigns.

Vendor Network Features:

Advertising in active app campaigns

Affordable participation

Real Time Analytics

Deeper Mobile Engagement

App users redeem offers at your business

Picture taking & Social Sharing of your business and offers

Managing a CandyBAR® app campaign is as simple as choosing a theme and name for your CandyBAR® apps, we then deploy them to the app stores for you. Once live in the app stores CandyBAR® offers a Client dashboard you use to manage your locations, offers and accept in app offerings from the vendor network. The “Vendor Network” is (optional).

Campaign Owner Features:

Client Dashboard to Manage Live Apps

Manage locations & Offers

Complete Real Time Analytics

Push Notifications to App Users

Marketing Materials

Hosting, Maintenance & Customer Support

CandyBAR® custom branded apps work by using augmented reality, locations and rewards to entice app users to interact with a business brand and locations of interest through a competitive gaming model. Content is placed in the CandyBAR® apps by the app owners and it’s vendor network, “Vendor Network” is optional. This content placed on specific locations becomes game pieces app users must collect.

App Features:

GPS Augmented Reality

Social Connectivity using location specific content

Gaming, Rewards & Points offered to app users

Community Leaderboard

Push Notifications

Events Feed, Directions & Vault for collected items

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ALIVE Magazine: Eye Candy

But the company’s biggest project has been right here in St. Louis with stl250’s Cakeway to the West, which helps app users locate, through game play, all of the 250 ornamental cakes placed around the city, learn about the institution or organization where each cake is located, and collect points redeemable for perks and prizes.

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