Candy Lab AR Technology

Candy Lab is an Augmented Realty Technology company. We have built our own 9-axis sensor fusion engine, a real-time delivery content management system and paired it with GPS for outdoor experiences and Beacons for indoor experiences.

Our Augmented Reality Engine

Robust Layer Map

Alter the style and customize the map to match your app

Complete Customization

Can be updated as much as needed as we own the source code engine. This is not an SDK—it’s our own proprietary engine.

GPS and Beacons

Is paired with GPS and Beacons as the access points for content delivery.

iOS and Android Compatible

Works across iOS and Android platforms dating back to 2012 devices


Built for stability and accuracy in low connectivity areas

Perfect Pair

Easily paired with smartphones and HMDs via Bluetooth connection

Real-time Processing

Real-time delivery system that offers credit card payment processing and analytics built on top of the engine functions

Easy Updates

The Real-time delivery of locations and content to the apps occur without having to rebundle and resubmit the app to the app stores

Protected Servers

Includes double PCI compliant servers so that the data gathered from real-world campaigns is very well protected from intrusions

Network of Partners

Connect with VR content developers, creative studios, agencies and wireless charging providers

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